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Ugly Betty ♥, Why I Love Her, & Why She Inspires Me

Ugly Betty, one of my favorite television shows of all time ♥ ended with its final episode in April of 2010. Although I was not a Betty fan while the show was running, I am now a devout Ugly B because of , and thanks to, Netflix (:

Now, onto the real guts of this …

My name being Betsy, I was often called the nickname “Ugly Betty” when I was younger. I had always thought that that was the most awful and cruel thing anyone could call me, until last year when I first started watching Ugly Betty. After watching four seasons of her trials and tribulations, I’ve come to the conclusion that being called Ugly Betty was more of a compliment than a disgrace. On the show, Betty is a kind, funny, driven, and morally good person. She has the job of my dreams, or at least she’s getting closer to it, Editor in Chief. I feel that having Ugly Betty represent the fashion magazine industry is an all to true story and having been on for four years, people may have put into disregard the true character that the fashion industry has. Cold. I am proud to say that even though Ugly Betty is not a true story, it gives reasonable ways to handle situations as your rising up into such a harsh industry. I for one can’t thank America Ferrera’s character enough for changing my mind about “Ugly Betsy”